Saturday, April 23, 2011

More and more microbiology

As it is spring break now at the university, I decided to share some links with you.

My first close encounter with microbes was at a site called Small Things Considered. You might ask how a website can make a close encounter to someone, but if you start reading that blog you'll see how capturing and informative it is! I had my first microbiology lecture only last semester, but reading this blog served as an aperitif before beginning my studies!
About a year ago, I was surfing on the internet and stumbled into one of their posts which occurred to be quite mind-boggling. It is about a phenomenon that as autumn arrives there are some leaves which do not turn entirely yellow, rather have some patterns of green remaining in them. It seems that there is not simply a bacteria operating behind this incident. The microbe responsible for keeping patches of the leaves green and alive lives in the gut of a moth's larvea! This larvae utilizes the microbe for stimulating plant tissue to keep on photosynthetizing, therefore supplying the moth's larvae with nutrients..  Read the whole article here!
If you'd hear news on microbiology from true professionals, than this blog is a must for you!!

Here is a website I came across quite recently. I'm still in the process of discovering it, but by now I can ensure you that it is definitely worth checking! It approaches microbes from a very easily digestible and understandable way. Have fun!

Now, here is a book I adore. Though we study microbiology in Hungarian, our teachers advised to check this book out. I was fortunate enough that a dear friend of mine owns a copy and he was willing to lend it to me. It is a very detailed overall book on microbiology, containing all the recent discoveries! It is designed for rather those who study/intend to study microbiology at university level.
Brock Biology of Microorganisms by Michael MadiganJohn Martinko 

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