Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have you ever wondered, for at least a couple of seconds, that there is something more in the air, in a handful of dust, on the tram, in your house, on your body, basically all around you, than what you can actually see with your eyes? We often tend to ingore anything that is not in our face or of what we think we have nothing to do with. In the case of microbes, this latter statement is just completely off. Did you know, there are 10 times as many microbes living inside and on you as the number of the cells of your body? I assume, at least for the sake of this intimate relationship with these lilliputian fellows, should we care a bit more about them.

Have you ever thought of taking a microbiology class, but never had the chance to do it so? Here is your opportunity presenting itself! There is no need for getting driven right away by the word ’class’, this will rather be an uplifting stroll into the world of microbes and microbiologist, in order to know more about both sides. Just to stick to the Uni vocab, don’t worry there is no prerequisites for this ’course’. Any layman will be able to enjoy the delights of learning about these microsopical beings.

The blogger knows he is incapable of providing a complete, extensive overview of the entire human knowledge on microorganisms. Therefore, he doesn’t even cherish such ideas, rather aims to increase the interest and awereness of the reader towards these tiny living creatures we are all surrounded by. So, have it out: this is an invitation to accompany the blogger in taking his weekly microbiology lab seminar, ongoing at ELTE University, Budapest.


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